Look At this Mess! Potty Training Tips!

So, you’ve got a puppy! Or maybe an older dog who isn’t house-broken just yet. Either way, these training tips with help with your journey!

Now, as many of you know by now, I don’t do traditional training methods. So I don’t rub their noses in their messes, nor is there a smack on the behind when such things occur. And here’s why:

Dogs are creatures who crave Attention. Whether it’s good or bad. So, when you are getting on your pup or older dog  for peeing on your favorite rug, it’s still attention and you are rewarding that behavior, even though you don’t want to. The only thing with using Traditional methods, not only are they gaining that attention they are wanting, they are also learning that you do not like it when they go potty in front of you, so they will try to go in other rooms.

So what do I do then?

Whenever Fido does go in the house, Ignore it. Yep, you read right. The reason is what I stated above. They are attention seeking animals, they crave it. So by not rewarding the behavior with any sort of attention, they are going to wonder how they can get the attention they so desire.

When you take Fido outside for potty time, make sure to have at least three tasty treats with you. When he finally goes to the bathroom, Mark the behavior and when he’s finished Treat and praise like it’s the best thing he has ever done in his life. Pretty soon, he’s going to figure out really fast that nothing happens inside and all the fun happens outside. Once he’s made that association, he is going to be ten times more likely to let you know that he has to go and go outside. Also, always reward him for letting you know by telling him good boy and/or giving him a treat. He’s going to let you know more often as you reward the behavior.

Scheduling when he needs to go out is another part of the training process. Dogs already do wonderful when they know what’s going to happen next. They are as habitual as we humans are. Get a piece of paper and put it up next to the door that you take your dog out.  Every time you take your dog out, write down the time that you did and when you come back in, write if he’s gone number one and number two. If he hadn’t gone, try going out for a walk or a bit of play time to get him moving, as movement helps pass stool.

If he doesn’t go after all of that, either keep a leash on him and with you at all times until he goes or have him be in the same room as you with your eyes on him like a hawk. Dogs show body language when they need to go. When they need to urinate, they tend to keep their noses to the ground and walk around like they are searching for something. When they need to defecate, they tend to sniff the ground and waddle around in a circle. If male, they tend to go and lift their legs on items, so watch out for that.
If he’s gone inside without you knowing, try and determine the time that he had gone. For instance, if there wasn’t a mess at 12pm, but at 1 pm, there was, write down on that piece of paper when you think it happened. If you see your dog going inside, call his name or make a noise to distract him and redirect him outside, or if small enough, pick him up and carry him outside and praise for finishing.

The times you need to take your dog out is after kenneling, about 10 minutes after eating and drinking, play time and naps. Try and take them out every 2 hours, unless they can hold it for longer or they can’t hold it that long. Try and go off of what your dog can or can’t do just yet.

Kenneling will definitely help with the training process by teaching them how to hold it. Be careful with doing this however, making them hold it for too long can up the chances of them contracting a Urinary Tract Infection or UTI, which is nasty and painful to have. The most time a puppy or dog should stay in a kennel at one time is 5 hours max. Any longer than that without potty breaks run the risk of getting a UTI.

“What do I clean up the messes with? It stinks and he keeps going back to that spot no matter what I do”

There are enzyme cleaners out there that are designed to clean up the messes, get rid of the smell and the bacteria that gets them to come back to that spot over and over again. The bacteria that is in Urine and Feces is hard to get rid of, even bleach doesn’t get rid of it entirely. The enzymes eat up the bacteria and thus cleaning the area fully. My favorite is Nature’s Miracle. It works on virtually every fabric and wood floor. The one type of fabric I have found changing it’s color was Wool carpeting and other items made of wool. They even have this brand designed in different formulas for different surfaces, so check it out next time you are on the web or in a pet store. One of the best brands out there to date.

So there you have it! The ins and outs of potty training to a T. I have helped so many people with this method and every single one of them has come back to me and said how much this has worked and I hope this works out for you too!