It’s Too Cold and Wet Outside!

We’ve all encountered it when we are raising our puppies. Potty training is going great! Except when it’s cold and rainy. Drat, we’ve hit a standstill and she’s going inside! ARGH!


Does this mean that your puppy has forgotten about what it was that we were teaching? Not necessarily.  It typically means that she does not find the rain and cold enjoyable and would rather be inside than outside, especially going potty. 


How do I correct this?


Well, when it’s raining, get a hole bunch of tasty treats, her favorite toy and get to playing! Out in the rain and cold! That’s right! She doesn’t have a very high opinion of the rain and once she starts to realize that being outside in the cold and rain with her favorite person with her favorite things, she will start to associate great things with the cold and rain!


If she is still giving the “you’re crazy mom” look, maybe it’s time to invest in a rain jacket, a sweater, and/or booties to help keep her warm and dry! It may sound silly, but it can make a world of difference for your pup!


Some dogs are naturally susceptible to the cold and naturally just don’t like and can’t deal with it. Chihuahuas, Mexican Hairless, Dachshunds, Greyhounds, etc generally cannot deal with colder weather. Help them out with sweaters and jackets and see how that goes!

Once you’ve got your dog comfortable, and out playing in the rain and cold, and they potty, make it so exciting that you can’t take it! They will go “Oh my gosh! This is so exciting going outside to potty in the rain!” And will start to have a positive association in the cold and rain. I would also suggest going on a stricter schedule and restrict their spaces around the house until going outside in the rain is all but old news to the pup!

Check out my potty training blog on how to start potty training basics during this time!


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